Deaf Doze

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tao  •  18 Mar 2023   •    

The next door neighbours invited some people back from the pub last night, rolling in around 1AM with lots of door slamming and talking loudly in a normally quiet street.

I was half asleep by then, so didn’t really notice much of what was going on. But over the next hours, there seemed to be people banging at their front door, calling through the letterbox and knocking on their window. It wasn’t other residents getting annoyed with the noise they were making, but it seemed to be other friends arriving or returning.

Perhaps someone popped out the front door for a cigarette and couldn’t get back in or they were late arrivals? In my dozy haze, I couldn’t really tell what was going on. Plus, my left ear is blocked up at the moment, so that made it harder to hear what was going on.

Apparently, they were making quite a bit of noise, keeping my son awake until the early hours. Sometimes being a bit deaf can be a good thing.