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tao  •  23 Mar 2023   •    

One thing about using MidJourney via Discord, is that I get to interact with the random servers I joined ages ago. I was never really a “Discorder” (I just coined that term - ™) and only had the app because I needed to install it for something I have long forgotten.

One of the Discord servers I am a member of is frequented by people I know from building niche websites. In 2008, I bought some software called BANS - “Build A Niche Store” which allowed you to create eBay affiliate sites quickly and easily. There was also a private members forum where I met some like-minded people who I became “internet friends” with.

After BANS shut down, we migrated to a new forum and started building “thin sites”, PHP based quick-burn affiliate stores built on cheap domains and scripted installations. Quite a few people made quite a lot of money from those types of sites and probably still do. I migrated to use WordPress and still do.

Over the years, the forum element, where the core members chat, moved from Skype to Slack and now on to Discord, where I am a member. It’s nice to see that the old gang are still there building websites, now concentrating on AI written blogs and articles, as well as the quick-hit thin-sites.

LifeLog Discord anyone?


Thin sites! How fascinating, this subculture. I love it when you write about these things, @tao.

Would love a Discord for Lifelog some day, when the chatter on Telegram gets varied and high volume enough

jasonleow  •  24 Mar 2023, 11:03 am