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Twizzle  •  22 Nov 2022   •    

I usually don’t dream, or rather I can’t remember them once I wake up. But recently, I have been dreaming and recalling them every morning. Although, I can’t really remember them now, so they definitely only exist in my short term memory.

I am not sure if this sudden increase in dreaming is because I am generally feeling tired, worn out and like I could sleep for a million years, or if it is because I changed something else. I have had cinnamon and raisin porridge for breakfast nearly every day for the last few months, so it could be that. Perhaps flossing my teeth before bed triggers the dream lord to invite me to his realm. Or am I so tired out that I am dropping straight into a deep sleep?

I love that feeling of dropping off, exiting your own reality and starting to travel down a strange rabbit hole where odd things happen, then snapping back and realising you were dreaming. I sometimes smile to myself under the covers when I have cognition of something unusual in my half-dream state.

I have often read about lucid dreaming or being able to control your dreams. It does appeal to me but sounds like hard work and not something that is easily attained, so I have never tried it. Apparently, the key is to be able to test if you are dreaming or not and once you master that, you can start to control your dreams.

I might just take some magic mushrooms instead. That’s much easier.


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