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peterdannock  •  15 May 2024   •    

The L2P program was established to aid underprivileged learner drivers in obtaining driving experience with the help of a driver mentor. I have joined the L2P program as a volunteer and will soon be paired with a young learner driver. Supervising a learner driver can be challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. My goal is to assist a young person in developing the skills and attitudes they need to become a safer driver, similar to a sports coach. As a supervising driver, my job is to provide my learner with the opportunity to practice driving under my guidance. We will collaborate to plan driving practice sessions that will help the learner acquire safe driving skills in various driving situations. When the learner is ready, I will gradually increase the level of difficulty.

I will need to be a good role model for safe driving habits when teaching someone to drive. If I drive recklessly or unsafely, the learner may pick up on those behaviours. Therefore, I should evaluate my own driving habits before beginning the teaching process. Even though I am not a driving instructor, I will need to provide a lot of guidance in the early stages of the learning period. If necessary, we can work with a professional driving instructor to get extra assistance. Ultimately, my goal is to ensure that the learner becomes a safe driver by the end of the learning period.


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