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Recently Notion announced a waitlist for alpha testing AI writing tools built into the writing app. Here’s my referral link that bumps me up on the list every time I convince someone to join me in line.

But, while that’s happening, I’ve started using GPT-3 in the free note-taking app Logseq. It’s all free and runs locally.

  • Install Logseq on Windows or Mac and open a folder to store docs in.
  • Install the GPT-3 OpenAI plugin from the program’s plugin manager.
  • Add an API key from OpenAI.
  • Write in a question, command, or just a statement and type /gpt-block.

The program then adds a few lines of text in response. The result is not guaranteed to be true, but it can help flesh out an article. Here I was looking for a good title.

What would be a good title for an article about rediscovering a love for art?

  • Rediscovering a Love for Art

That didn’t quite work.

List five good titles for an article about rediscovering a love for art.

  • Draw Me In: How I Fell Back in Love with Art
  • A Brush with Fate: How I Found My Calling Again through Art
  • Rekindling the Spark: Why I Started Painting Again After Ten Years
  • Cultivating Creativity: reigniting my passion for art
  • Art Was My First Love: And I’m Finally Getting Back to It

Of course, if I use the text it generates I’ll need to confirm any “facts” I use and run a plagiarism check. It would be nice if the program had a fact checker and plagiarism checker built in.

Pretty soon everyone is going to have AI assistance built into their writing and note-taking programs. Graphics programs are adding Stable Diffusion to their apps. Is this going to make us stupid as it makes us look and sound brilliant?

Will using an AI to help me write make me less skilled at writing?

  • No

Okay, well the AI says “no.”


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