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knight  •  10 Feb 2024   •    

Yesterday, I shared about FilaHQ - my next product focus, which is building a series of products around the open-source admin panel FilamentPHP. I plan to develop several side projects within this Product Universe, including:

  1. FilaSAAS - This will be a release package that helps make FilamentPHP SAAS-ready. For example, it will include Stripe integration, and it can be used either as an open-source or paid product.

  2. BuildwithFila - This will be a directory of SAAS products that are built with FilamentPHP.

  3. FilaStats - This will be a mobile application that integrates with the stats portion of FilamentPHP. You will be able to check all the stats widgets through your mobile device.

In addition to these projects, I will also create new products or rebuild some of my existing ones, all using FilamentPHP. While there is no clear revenue path among these side projects, my goal is to make the FilamentPHP admin panel a choice as a SaaS boilerplate.


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