First milestone

Winkletter  •  20 Nov 2023   •    

Tomorrow morning I post my 36th writing exercise, which means I’m 1/10th of the way through a year of daily posting. I just have to repeat what I’ve done for the past five weeks another nine times to hit my baseline goal–to keep adding new content daily for at least a year.

If I need to scale back after that, I can just focus on polishing the exercises and reprinting them.

But I do hope to keep going after I hit that threshold. By then the process should be even more streamlined and automated.

Can I possibly create over 300 writing exercises? I think so. For example, my next exercise focuses on using passages from masters as models for structure. Just that one exercise is something I can repeat ad infinitum by focusing on different passages and studying why they work well.

But it’s not as easy as most writing prompts. If you search for writing exercises, most of them are squarely focused on kicking off a writing session with a story premise. “You walk into your bedroom and a clown jumps out of the closet!”

I struggle to find writing exercises that focus on technique. It’s an underserved market.

Somehow over the next year as I create these exercises I need to start marketing. How do I find that audience who, like me, wants a daily newsletter focused on learning writing strategies?


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