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peterdannock  •  23 Nov 2022   •  

I like the way l can change the settings on my iPad to turn notifications on and off depending on what I am doing. Focus lets me stay in the moment when I need to concentrate or step away from my device. I can customise settings and choose when I want to receive alerts and notifications while letting other people and apps know when I am busy.

I am not required to be on call for work on the weekend, so I don’t want to be reminded of my email. So, I would typically turn off my work email on the weekend. With this feature, my work email will be silenced when I leave the office.

My wife keeps her phone next to her bed at night. It chimes and lights up all night long. I find it very annoying. I will have to get her to set her overnight focus to “do not disturb”. Then I might get a little more sheep.