Get out and drive

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peterdannock  •  22 Sept 2022   •  

Though I was feeling a bit under the weather today, it was the first excellent spring weather day. What made it even better was that we had plenty of sunshine, and clear blue skies, even though it was a little chilly.

I had to break free, so I got a drive in my roadster, roof down, and the chilly wind in my hair. A trip down to the Mornington Peninsula was the perfect panacea for being cooped up. Melbourne sits at the top of Port Phillip Bay. Flanking the bay’s east side is the Mornington Peninsula, a local tourist region with plenty of beaches and scenic sights, perfect for a freedom day drive.

I was not the only one enjoying new-found freedoms. Sailing boats, fishermen and beachgoers were everywhere, reminiscent of the summer invasion that occurs each Christmas on the Peninsula. The weather was just perfect, so who wouldn’t want to be out in the sun on a day like this?
I am blessed to have many great drives and scenic sights close to my home. All I need to decide is whether I turn left or right out of my street, and a great trip begins.