Getting back to travel

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peterdannock  •  12 Oct 2021

Though there is a five-year gap in age between my two daughters, they are very close as sisters. They have always been close, and now as adults, they have maintained that very close sibling bond. They are both studying, working together, and spending a lot of time together. It makes me smile when I see them interact with each other.

They have both found the restrictions on travelling during COVID-19 quite frustrating, as they have always been keen travellers. They feel that the opportunities in their 20s are being wasted stuck in lockdown. So, when they are free to travel, that is what they want to do.

They have plans to travel to the other side of the world and share a place to live. They want to make the most of life in London, and I can’t blame them. Both my wife and I spend time living in London at the same age, and the girls are simply following the family tradition.

Now that my daughters are both in their 20s, they need to forge their own lives. I am immensely proud of what both have achieved, and I admire how they push themselves to become high achievers in so many ways. So they will leave with my blessing.