Goal less or not

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knight  •  3 Jul 2022   •  

I end the second quarter of 2022 with Goalless month, which is the first time I don’t set any goal for a month in 2022. I believe this is because I didn’t have good monthly progress in the first half of 2022, most of the monthly goals didn’t meet, and it became pressure for me to set up goals every month. That’s always a sound deep down in my heart that says that it is useless to have goals since I can’t archive my goals every month.

After the goalless month of June, I start to think more about this topic; it’s weird to have no goals for the month; I feel like trying to move without a destination. It’s like they say you need an anchor for time travel, or you will lose yourself since everything is moving too fast.

I plan to experiment with the next three months by having top-level goals monthly and reviewing every progress that moves in the direction. Let’s see, will this help?


Nowadays I try to set broad intentions every month instead of specific targeted goals.

jasonleow  •  4 Jul 2022, 4:08 am

wah same same

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knight  •  4 Jul 2022, 2:48 pm