Going exponential

Winkletter  •  24 Mar 2023   •    

ChatGPT is changing again. I don’t have access yet, but I’ve seen some examples of what’s coming and it’s mind blowing, yet again.

  • Plugins: Expedia, Instacart, Wolfram, Zapier and more. I wouldn’t be surprised if the OpenAI team is just asking ChatGPT how do I make a plugin to connect you to…
  • Browser Mode: It will be able to connect to the internet for current events and links to sources.
  • Code Interpreter: Run calculations and plot charts. Upload files like a CSV or an image. Connect directly to online data sources.

And here I’m still trying to explore its basic text capabilities.

Today I finished another project that was on my backburner. I had it help me write 10 questions each in 21 categories as a tool for fleshing out characters. Then I set up a spreadsheet (with ChatGPT’s help) that would display a set of random questions from the (currently) 210 questions. ChatGPT even suggested the marketable name “Character Mosaic Model” for the system.

Later I may see about setting this up as a writing aid on my website (with ChatGPT’s assistance, of course).

I also introduced ChatGPT to another project of mine where I use wayfinding as a metaphor for understanding plot. There are six wayfinding tools that people use to navigate, and I had it find literary examples of each tool applied as a metaphor to six main domains of plot.

Again, it did a fantastic job finding examples of these concepts that I barely understand myself.

I feel like I’m seeing what exponential growth looks like, and its a bit scary because human beings don’t understand exponential growth.


It’s wild how fast they’re building. Can’t catch up.

jasonleow  •  24 Mar 2023, 11:00 am