Growth Happens

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tao  •  24 Nov 2022   •    


I saw this quote on the GetMotivated subreddit and found it relatable.

When I have grown in my career, it has been when I have ventured into unknown waters, accepting roles or offering to help out.

  • I took on an application support role that involved coding in a language I had never even heard of before.
  • I offered to help my employer with IT issues when the in-house tech support guy left, despite not having any qualifications in IT Support.
  • I accepted a role as an IT field engineer covering remote sites when I couldn’t even drive a car and had to learn quickly.
  • I was paid to help someone launch a PHP based online store when I didn’t have any experience with PHP at all.

I am interested in learning new things, getting experience with new apps and systems. I am curious as to how things work and enjoy finding my way around them myself. Sometimes, the best learning can come from playing and breaking things.

I was looking at training courses I can take through work and felt that I would rather get my hands dirty with the actual systems. There is only so much you can learn from reading, watching online videos in a drawling US accent or classroom activities and they don’t often translate to the real world anyway.

So, I need to remind myself to get my hands dirty with things to learn, not read about them, watch videos about them, look at Instagram posts about them or listen to podcasts about them. Learn from doing and growing into unknown areas.