Hanging my paintings

andrewtsao  •  30 Jun 2022   •  

This month was the first time I started hanging some of the abstract paintings that I am making in my home (here is one I recently drew. At first, it seemed like an easy way to store and display my drawings without worrying about where to store them, but it quickly something bigger than that: it became a joyful reminder of not just my own creativity, but of beauty and most important of my growth.

It was almost exactly a year ago since I decided to draw consistently. There was something about the feeling of physically moving my hand and seeing color and patterns manifest in front of me that brought me deep satisfaction and joy that building on no-code have first introduced me. Even though I didn’t feel like I was very good at it, for the first time in my life I found a way to practice my artistic creativity without worrying about what others are thinking or what real-life objects I am trying to portray. Instead, I could just focus on drawing, training, and smiling as I do it. Every additional brushstroke I’ve done made the vision and my creativity clearer. I know now what kind of things I like to draw. I know now what kind of colors speak to me more deeply. And more importantly, I can now envision my experiments in becoming an illustrator or painter where part of my income can come from these creative practices.

Nothing is impossible, as long you are intentional about it and is willing to be consistent with it. Starting today, I’ve created a new goal around my artistic goals. For me, it’s never been about the money, but in the pursuit of creating a sustainable life for myself, I am still deeply curious whether it has the potential to earn me some side income. My first milestone is to attempt to sell a painting for $50 by next year.

If you want to follow my artist journey, you can check it out here. Onward!