Hard to be succint

andrewtsao  •  13 Oct 2021

When I first started writing, I remember how difficult it was to get even a single word onto a page. Even though I knew it was the same as “thinking” out loud on a page, it felt like the hardest thing. Ever since I trained this muscle over and over again, it feels so easy to just let my hands articulate what’s in my head. Brain dump became the easiest thing because I’ve always been talkative and I just needed to mirror the things I want to say to know the things I write about, but I realize it’s so difficult to be succinct.

As I’m becoming a better writer, I’ve noticed that I also want to become more succinct with my thoughts. I want to continue to find the balance in methods where I’m putting everything onto paper first than weaving through to find the golden nuggets of information, but as an exercise, sometimes slowing down and putting more thought into each word being written onto the page. I wonder what that strategy would bring forth. I know it’ll be hard to get to my daily 200 words, but it’ll be fun to switch things up.



Cool! Time to up the challenge :)

I found writing on Twitter really helps me be more succinct. Especially when I convert a post here to a tweet or a thread… makes me realise I write a lot of fluff!

jasonleow  •  13 Oct 2021, 2:10 am