Hosting Friends Again

andrewtsao  •  4 Aug 2022   •  

My partner has been traveling to visit her friend in Chicago for the majority of the week and I’ve been taking advantage of this time to focus on tuning in and enjoying some alone time. Today I will be hosting a few friends over for a catch-up and I’m super excited about it. Ever since my partner and I created a home that we find so much joy in living in, we realized how important it is to use it to create and host intentional gatherings.

For one, I am still experimenting with removing the role of alcohol in gatherings. Many people still believe that it’s important to include it as an ingredient in a fun gathering and I don’t completely disagree. The social lubricant is always known to make people feel relaxed and can promote more sense of silliness and childishness that could always lead to more memorable and entertaining moments, but as someone who no longer really drinks anymore, I’m curious about what it takes to still nail home some of the more important intentions.

At the end of the day, a good gathering is one where everyone in the room feels like they are filling up that tank of social interaction that is always good for their mental health, but I always try to make it more. I am still learning to host spaces were through the act of expressing authentically, and sharing vulnerably, everyone can at least leave with a small seedling of thought, knowledge, or emotion that will assist them in their ever-going journey of becoming a better version of themselves.