I want to get better at building

andrewtsao  •  24 Jan 2023   •    

This post is a strong reminder to me to carve out time to continue to work on improving my no-code building skills.

This seems like an obvious one for someone who calls himself a no-code coach and the truth is working on clients’ projects and coaching them to build out the features they need had in fact taught me a lot about how to explain things and how to approach different problems with certain solutions, but because I hadn’t really able to carve out time for my own builds, I always felt like I was missing the opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone and learn the skills that will also keep me skilled in something that I want to teach others to do.

I can admit to myself now, that in the past year, I have definitely learned to be a better coach, but I could do more in learning to be a stronger builder. So this year, I am setting a strong intention to really make the effort to carve out time for myself to finish my Bubble website, to continue experimenting with new ways of building things, to have fun during the process, and find a way to be part of the dialogue with other people in the no-code community.



Same for me this year! I want to start building more, launching more small bets!

jasonleow  •  24 Jan 2023, 7:28 am

@jasonleow Been so cool seeing you launch your small bets. I can’t wait to see more 🙂

andrewtsao  •  2 Feb 2023, 4:36 am