July Newsletter Draft

andrewtsao  •  23 Jul 2021

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Hey there 👋

Hope you all are enjoying your summer days. I sure am, and I have a weirdly shaped post-sunburn tan on my back to show for it. My favorite aspect of summer is how endless the days feel; and just like a 4-course meal, I’m always excited about what’s to come next. Even after the sun has set, I know I still have so much to look forward to.

Theme of the month: 🎆 Summer Nights

I don’t know about you, but I miss dancing; the feeling of gliding on the dance floor, making a fool of myself with what my girlfriend describes as “dorky” dance moves. I love to lose myself in music designed to make our bodies move. There’s a lot we can learn from dance music. For one, it’s bewildering that something so repetitive can be so exciting and energy-inducing, and how it brings out these almost primal movements out of us. It’s both liberating and therapeutic and something that I’ve craved for the past year.

This month’s theme is all about getting you on the dance floor again. I’ve designed the playlist to be played right after dinner time, beginning with a few R&B tracks filled with these luscious female vocals to get you feeling comfortable. Right after that, I’m bringing my neighborhood vibes to you through introducing a few reggae-inspired tracks that I fell in love with recently. The party doesn’t stop there as I’ll continuously throw you into different dance floors; from deep house to disco.The genres don’t even really matter, it’s all really about getting your feets moving and your hips shaking. Finally, I end on an emotional note because at the end of the night, what I care most about is returning to a home where I feel loved and held. Have a lovely night!

Song Highlight:

Track 5: Fly High - Blundetto
This artist is a new discovery for me and I’m still in awe of how this french producer takes Jaimaican song elements to create such modern tracks packed with so much soul.

Track 11: Let’s Sing & Dance - 박혜진 Park Hye Jin
Even though I don’t understand korean, this southern korean producer always impressed me with her signature sound that makes me want to close my eyes and sway to. Looking forward to her debut album, coming out on September 10!

Track 13: Lights Up (feat Channel Tres)- Flight Facilities, Channel Tres
Flight Facilities hasn’t released any new music since 2014 (since they’re insanely popular track “Crave You”) so this is a BIG deal. I didn’t enjoy this on my first listen but it grew on me.

Track 24: ILYSB - LANY
The lyrics “Slow dance these summer nights. Our disco ball’s my kitchen light” says it all. Even though I heard this song 6 years ago, I still keep coming back to it.