Last 10 minutes

andrewtsao  •  13 May 2022   •  

When I look at the clock and see that I haven’t written it’s already past 11:30 pm, it’s a strong reminder to me that I am procrastinating on something that is really important to me, but that’s really okay. It means that there is still a lot of room that I can improve and work toward. Building these habits, and creating systems for myself, while also creating a running a solo business, I definitely notice days where I see cracks forming, and sometimes I’ll say to myself, “Oh, that’s not important and I’ll just get to that later.” But as expected, these cracks always spread, and continue to reflect a deeper issue that is brewing underneath, and one that will swallow me up in the form of a bad day where I just feel waves of negativity in response to the loss of control.

I have been writing for so long now, but I want to be better.
I want to slowly get away from free-form writing where I’m just writing based on whatever comes out of my head in real-time and continue exploring how I can combine fast and slow intentions.