Last day of holidays

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knight  •  18 Mar 2023   •    

Finally, it is my big kid’s last day of the holidays, and tomorrow, he is going back to school as a primary three student; Hooray!

Remember I share that I m trying to give him a unique experience for his first long-term break? I promise him something special so he can write in his diary every day. Yes, we have been doing that every single day until today; he didn’t complete it every time on the same day, but he will complete it within the next day.

It’s no easy helping my wife take care of the newborn baby and trying something unique daily, but I m glad we did it. It doesn’t need to go out to experience; sometimes we have it at home, for example, the first time we play badminton together or getting him a toy telescope so that he learns how the telescope works. We go out more often than before, but it doesn’t mean we go out to play. We went to a barber shop to cut our hair together also considered a unique experience.

The challenging part is guiding him to write about the experience, but I m glad he improved every day; it is still funny to see how he structures the sentences sometimes, but I am delighted to have come out with this idea for his holidays.

He will start the morning class, and I will start the 5 am club tomorrow. Good luck and enjoy!


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