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tao  •  1 Apr 2024   •    

Date: April 1, 2024

I find myself once again burning the midnight oil to catch up on my daily journal entry. It seems like a recurring pattern lately – leaving it late, procrastinating until the very last moment. I can’t help but wonder why I continue to put off this simple task, especially when I know how beneficial it is for reflection and self-awareness.

Tonight, as I sit down to finally pen down my thoughts, I am reminded of the importance of consistency. Each day is filled with unique experiences, emotions, and insights, and capturing them in writing allows me to preserve those moments and gain valuable perspective.

Yet, despite this understanding, I still find myself scrambling to jot down my thoughts before the stroke of midnight. Perhaps it’s the busyness of daily life or the allure of distractions that pull me away from this reflective practice.

As I write, I am making a conscious commitment to myself to prioritize this daily ritual. It’s not about perfection or eloquence; it’s about the process of reflection and growth. By acknowledging my tendency to procrastinate and actively working to change it, I am taking a small step towards cultivating better habits.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I vow to approach it with renewed dedication to my journaling practice. No more leaving it late – instead, I’ll embrace the opportunity to reflect, learn, and grow with each entry.


Disclosure: this was a very last minute ChatGPT post. I was heading to bed but waiting for someone to come out of the bathroom so I could wee and this was all I could manage to post. It’s not too bad though - if a little formal.

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tao  •  2 Apr 2024, 8:57 am

Wow it’s pretty good! Maybe too perfect, like grammar wise. If you never told me, I wouldn’t have guessed.

jasonleow  •  2 Apr 2024, 9:37 pm

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