Looking ahead, July and beyond

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Winkletter  •  1 Jul 2022   •  

July is on the rise, and 2022 is half done flipping its pancake. Given recent events in my life it might not hurt to consider the rest of the year.

I have many open questions. Will I be approved for unemployment? Will I find a job? What kind of work do I want? Do I want a traditional job?

I’m not as anxious as I was before I was fired. Life feels much better on the outside. The money in my bank account will keep me afloat for six months. I have other resources beyond that. In other words, I could have a meaningful life if I worked for it.

Only two things could ruin that for me.

  1. Going to work too soon for the wrong business.
  2. Not using my time wisely to build something of value.

I can apply for jobs I want. I don’t need to jump into work with the first place that offers me scraps from its table. I can narrowly target my resume and only apply to jobs I want – work that supports my personal goals.

I have time. Because of that, the prospect of a long job hunt becomes a feature not a problem. If it takes me two months to find a job I want, I get two months to produce my own sources of income. Four months? Even better. Six months? Erm… fantastic?


I once heard the best way to negotiate is when you can walk away from the deal. Looks like you have that with your job hunt!

jasonleow  •  2 Jul 2022, 7:50 am