keni  •  21 Jul 2021

“There’s magic in what you did before 10 years of age.” Scott Adams.

This is yet another insight from Scott that I discovered recently. He encourages people to think about and engage in activates they gravitated towards as a child. I especially started to think about it after seeing my nephew and niece. My niece is just like me and my nephew is just like my brother. Neither are like their mother - my sister.

The part I find interesting is how our interests align. I love music and dance and so does my niece. The same with cooking, drawing and reading. It may be that she is mimicking me, but it got me thinking about what I liked to do at her age.

I loved pretending like I was cooking. I would pluck some leaves and pretend like I was chopping them to cook for a group. That is one of the things I love to do as an adult.

I loved reading a lot. Unlike kids of this generation, the most engaging form of entertainment for me was reading. As kids, we didn’t get more than an hour or two a week to watch kids program. The rest was news and boring stuff so we preferred to read.

I remember thinking about making a magazine. I loved the short essay type writings with images and thought about creating one myself. That was a combination of visual and written formats.

The one thing that I used to love to do that I allowed to be in the background is fashion designing. I remember that it was one of the things I enjoyed as a kid and why I gravitated towards magazines. I recall asking my mom to buy me fabric and I would cut it up to create things to wear. When I was in high school, I even drew some designs on paper and had them organized in a folder. I never followed up on that urge. I have never been accused of being trendy. I am not into fashion trends for myself. Not in the slightest. But I like to recreate things and make new designs. The only thing that remains from that activity is my love for ear rings. I have thought about designing my own brand for a while.

So - what did you do before the age of ten?


Love that last question! Feels like a great writing prompt. Can I add that into the Lifelog list?

My answer: reading, tinkering, being outdoorsy. Not doing much of all 3 anymore! 😞

jasonleow  •  22 Jul 2021, 12:28 am

Thank you… and yes please add it Jason.

That was the whole point Scott was trying to make. Most of us start wondering what we like to do but he suggests that the authentic answer to that question can be found by recalling what we liked as kids.

keni  •  22 Jul 2021, 1:05 am

Scott Adams’ book really is the gift that keeps giving!

jasonleow  •  22 Jul 2021, 1:22 am