Making link building less spammy

joshpitzalis  •  5 Aug 2022   •  

I got a guest post accepted. We agreed on a topic. I put an outline together and hired a writer to start working on it. Then they decided to pull out.

A “misunderstanding”.

An expensive one for me since I already hired the writer to work on the piece.

It was an important lesson, though. I won’t be jumping the gun again any time soon.

Now that the piece is almost written, I’m reaching out to all of their competitors to see if they would be interested in the article instead. I’m sure I’ll be able to repurpose it.

Searching for competitors to a business is much easier than searching blogs and businesses that post about certain topics.

I think I’m going to change my approach to link prospecting in the wake of this experience. Start with a well-thought-out and considerate pitch for one business. Then branch out to lots of similar businesses if the idea gets rejected.

Starting a single business, as opposed to a list of business, make the whole process feel less spammy and more thoughtful