meaning of life

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knight  •  21 Sept 2022   •  

You might not be aware, but there is a Reddit post, “What’s the meaning of life in this fast-paced Singapore for you?” blew up in the Singapore Online scene. He is a 65 years old guy sharing his life and will be retiring soon.

I feel grateful when I compare my life with what the person has described, although I m still pretty far from retired.

I work independently to keep myself away from all the office politics & toxic colleagues. I am working hard to pay the bill, especially with a new life going to join me soon; having three kids is not easy, but I m staying in Malaysia, which has lower living expenses.

I work extra hours at night or over the weekend, but at the same time, I have extra spare time for my kids or even go out for a buffet lunch with my wife on weekdays. So, besides most of the nighttime, I m trying to build products that give me product satisfaction and generate new income.

I guess the meaning of life for me now is to convert from selling time for money to selling products for money so that I can spend more time for myself and my family.


Just read the thread. Sad siah. Some days I see myself in that story. Then remind myself my situation has slightly more freedom to avoid that.

Same here. Grateful for the very things you said too. And same meaning of life too - to switch from selling time to products!

jasonleow  •  21 Sept 2022, 10:51 pm


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knight  •  22 Sept 2022, 3:20 pm