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peterdannock  •  4 Aug 2022   •  

How come so many work meetings end up going off the rails? You know the meetings I mean. Everyone has the right intention to get something done, but you come away from the meeting frustrated, wondering what was achieved.

Everyone has tips and tricks on how to run a productive meeting. Here are a few of my wife’s suggestions:

  1. Make sure the meeting has a clear purpose. If you don’t know the purpose, don’t start the meeting.
  2. Just like a Boy Scout, be prepared. It would be helpful to ensure that others in the meeting are also prepared.
  3. Let everyone speak. Everyone needs to come away from a meeting feeling that they have been heard.
  4. Stick to the topic. Don’t let the meeting drift away from the purpose.
  5. Intervene if you see someone rambling on. This is often easier said than done.
  6. Wrap it up properly. Ensure you come away with an agreed summary of the meeting and the follow-up actions required.
  7. Have fewer meetings. Only attend meetings that you should.

Meetings don’t have to feel like a waste of time, stay on purpose, stick to the topic, and you will get more done.


I concur and have shared my thoughts on meetings previously.

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therealbrandonwilson  •  4 Aug 2022, 4:17 pm