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peterdannock  •  9 Jun 2023   •    

Merchandise is a big thing in the Zoom Zoom club, and I always love to wear the club polo shirts and caps on club runs and other activities. So I ordered some of my own merchandise for my Europe trip.

To help me with this task, I had asked the Merchandise Officer in the club to help me with some ideas. Polo shirts are popular with members and usually have a club logo embroidered on the left-hand side of the shirt. So it has been suggested that I add my logo embroidered on the other side.

As I will be driving in the summer heat with the roof down, I have purchased some long sleeve polo shirts as an excellent way to shield my arms from the sun. I have also got some caps embroidered with the club logo and a few bucket hats to keep the sun off my ears and neck. A good windproof jacket will protect me from the wind and rain.

I know have some merchandise for the trip that will be functional to wear, but it will also be a long-term reminder of the journey I am about to take.