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tao  •  23 Nov 2022   •    

We all have different skill sets and interests, hobbies, natural abilities and capabilities. But sometimes they are at odds with themselves and you. For example, I can draw and paint, play musical instruments and also code, lead meetings and think analytically.

I am inside my own multiverse version of myself

When I want to write or play music, I slip into that creative universe. When I code, I move my mind into the analytical world where there are more rules. When I am in “parent or husband mode” I am in that universe and the rest fall away from my vision.

There are times when they can overlap, when I think creatively around a technical problem, or produce graphics for a slide deck for a meeting. But usually, I exist in separate universes when doing these tasks.

I don’t live in them all, but I don’t think this is a bad thing. I just slip between worlds when needed, living that artist life when I feel the calling and then slipping back to tech-world when I open my work laptop.

There is no right or wrong, perfect or imperfect universe for me to exist in. By being able to travel between these worlds, experience them and travel back and forth makes my life more rewarding. I don’t belong in any one universe, I exist in them all, but perhaps not getting to experience them all at the same time.