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Winkletter  •  15 Jun 2022   •  

I’m getting more familiar with Canva and after seeing a print-on-demand game company that can easily produce a deck of cards, I’ve decided to throw myself into product development.

I’m currently calling the product Storylines and you can try it out now if you have a deck of cards and any interest in writing fiction. This image I tweeted is my MVP. I have my own homemade deck that I use for writing prompts.

At some point I’ll start designing some basic cards, including a bit of text to explain what each card means.

The cards at the bottom of each section are “challenge” cards. If you draw a 5♣ of clubs for example, you flip the card in the air. If it lands face up you write the first choice (which is marked by a + plus sign), in this case, montage. Face down and you write the second part marked by a - minus sign, a segue.

Speaking of segues.

Draw one card at a time, or group them together. For example, I just drew three cards.

  • 7♠ Dialogue
  • J♥ Perception
  • 4♣ Concurrency

So, I would write a passage of dialogue where someone describes a perception they had while something else was happening concurrently. “And while you were throwing bottles at the wall, I was listening to the siren of a cop car draw nearer and nearer.”

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