My first Dispute

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knight  •  14 Jan 2022   •  

Yesterday I got an alert from Stripe where one of the transactions has raised a dispute. One customer who purchases my components is using a stolen credit card. I didn’t know until I got the dispute alert, and it seems like the user is trying to use it buy my other components but has been blocked.

Since it is a stolen credit card, I don’t plan to submit any evidence to fight the dispute. But the problem is not only my sale ( $20 ) has been taken back; there is another $15 charge for the dispute fee. So when the bank customer credit card is stolen and misused, the bank charges the merchant for dispute.

After talking to the Stripe support and other makers, I should enforce 3ds for every transaction; if that’s the case, only the dispute on stolen card responsibility won’t be on me. Another lesson to learn!


Just after talking with you, I got my first request for refund for Carrd plugins too! Annoyed that I cannot take back the product cos it’s a digital download. Had to refund anyway cos the customer can just dispute the charge and make my score worse

jasonleow  •  15 Jan 2022, 2:08 am

you might want to switch to API / License model ?

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knight  •  15 Jan 2022, 2:01 pm

Yeah API is possible. But would need a lot more work to set up. I run it on a license model now, just that there’s no way to enforce programmatically.

jasonleow  •  16 Jan 2022, 2:07 am

something creative ? meta tag verification or static file under domain verification, like how google did early day

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knight  •  16 Jan 2022, 2:06 pm

Oh hmmm interesting! Never heard of these! Gotta go research more now

jasonleow  •  17 Jan 2022, 3:10 am