My Twitter Issue and How I solved it

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knight  •  17 Mar 2023   •    

I talked about my Twitter issue some time ago, and since most of the Twitter mobile client has stopped functioning, I m trying to search for a desktop app/web app for the solution.

I want to capture all the tweets on the Twitter List that I curated so that I can read from what I leave over. Readwise has a feature which will email you the list you monitor twice a day, but it doesn’t really ideal, and sometimes it has repeated tweets.

I found a Mac desktop app called “News Explorer”, which you can get through Setapp if you pay for the subscription. It works like an RSS feed reader that keeps track of my Twitter List, which is a perfect solution for me!

I know the solution is just temporary; most of the app will stop functioning once Twitter releases the official API access pricing, which will not be cheap for sure, but before that happen, let me enjoy it first.