New Year Intention with Instagram

andrewtsao  •  23 Jan 2023   •    

This is the first time in a long time I feel like I am finally ready to continue experimenting with how I export myself via social media. What I was able to do with my Twitter was carve out a space for myself to find that sweet spot of shining my light without the anxiety of comparing myself with others. This is the kind of intention I want to do to reclaim my relationship with channels like Instagram. I had already started using Instagram to share my abstract art but I want to do the same for my personal Instagram as well.

Here are my planned intentions:

  • To share openly about my mental health journey
  • To export my positivity without worries of being “cringe” or “fake”
  • To share my perspective of the world through tiny snapshots
  • To promote my wins and even losses
  • To diversify how I engage with the world and the internet
  • To let go of anxieties I feel for needing present and perform for anyone


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