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andrewtsao  •  25 Nov 2021   •  

Opening Message:

Hey there 👋

Happy Thanksgiving y’all! I’m writing this month’s issue all the way from Dallas, Texas where I am spending my holidays cooking and eating delicious food with friends. I am still thinking about this heavenly beef tongue dish I had yesterday that was paired perfectly with a Beaujolais nouveau red wine.

When I first decided to name my newsletter “25 on 25,” I never actually realized that I would be sending my newsletter on the two biggest holidays of the year, both taking place on the 25th of the month. But what this means is that I have the opportunity to set the scene to your days of celebration!

##Theme of the month: 🍵 Hot Beverage Weather

In my family’s household, I’ve always been recommended to drink more hot beverages vs. cold beverages but I never understood why. Keep in mind that I grew up in Taiwan which is geographically just a little north of the equator line, which meant we had extremely humid temperatures. Naturally, as a kid who was always moving and chasing after a ball, I was often drenched in my own sweat and ended up craving an ice-cold beverage in my hand. It wasn’t until recently that I truly understood that a hot beverage isn’t just meant to warm me up on a cold winter day, it was also believed to actually lower the body’s internal temperature, restoring the balance and, with it, a person’s health.

This month’s playlist is all about helping you restore some balance to your life. The upcoming holidays mean that you finally have the luxury to take a few days off of your work and your usual routined life, and I want to help fill it with just a little dose of warmth and feel-goodness. Through a selection of jazz-infused tracks along with R&B ballads with velvety voices, I am hoping to wrap you in a blanket of soothing sonic satisfaction that makes you feel safe and loved. Whether you are spending the holidays at home or away, alone or with others, I hope that the music can bring some joy to your world.

Song Highlight:

Track 2: In a Year From Now - Cindy Latin
She was one of the three performers of Sofar Sounds that I had recently attended in my neighborhood and I was absolutely blown away by the vulnerability in her music.

Track 12: Best Part (feat H.E.R) - Daniel Caesar
Talk about an oldie but goodie. This is one of those R&B tracks that I come back to again and again. Here’s one of my favorite renditions of it (watch the full video to see a surprise cameo!)

Track 15: I Won’t Complain - Benjamin Clementine
I discovered this song from one of the most beautiful choreographed dance I’ve seen on the internet.

Track 18: Sorriu Para Mim - João Gilberto
I am thankful to Spotify for allowing me to discover this Brazilian Bossa Nova legend.

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