Notion is Back

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knight  •  12 Jun 2024   •    

I’ve decided to incorporate Notion back into my productivity tools. Now, I use it as a all-in-one storage for my projects, media, and AI-related work. I still rely on Todoist for my freelance work, which syncs with my Google Calendar. To merge the two systems, I use the new Notion Calendar. When I check the Notion Calendar, I can see all my plans for my projects, media content, and media calendar while also referencing my Google Calendar, which includes my Todoist Tasks.

This setup has one key advantage: when I need to focus on my freelance work and personal life, I can simply check Todoist and Google Calendar without being distracted by my other projects, which are stored in the Notion Calendar.

I’m curious to see whether this system will work for me in the long run. I’ll assess its effectiveness over the next month.


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