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tao  •  25 May 2023   •    

As I have done over the last few weeks, when I crawl into bed all I can think about is sexy lesbians work topics. I begin to review what needs to be done over the next 24 hours and I try to push back the feelings of dread of the looming project I am involved with. I am not sure I have fully comprehended the amount of work this will entail. At the moment, it feels kinda intangible, like it might happen, maybe, some time in the future.

It could end up that we are rolling out up to 20 server replacements per day. We will receive the servers, unbox them, check they have been preconfigured correctly, pre-fill them with some required data and then have them boxed back up ready for collection at 1PM each day.

Whilst that is going on, the previous days servers will be being installed. Engineers will be calling me, telling me they are at site and that the existing server has been replaced and needs testing. There will be problems, delays and issues - some technical and some procedural. Our pre-booked timeslots will slip and some will be cancelled mid-upgrade meaning we will have to roll back.

I can only do this work from the office which is around 10 miles from my house, and I won’t have access to a car to get there. I can foresee myself buying a bicycle to get there for 6 each day, working away for 4 hours until my colleague arrives to help.

I will then get to cycle home after all installations have been done, probably crying through gritted teeth, arriving home to cook dinner and do the husband/family thing.

Not looking forward to it.


Freudian slip? 😉🤣

jasonleow  •  29 May 2023, 9:20 am

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