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Winkletter  •  7 May 2022   •  

Some goals need to be fun and pointless, so I’m launching a new goal today: Get a hole-in-one on the daily Wordle.

The closest I’ve come so far was the day I got 4-of-5 letters on my first guess. I then guessed five more times before I got the correct word. It looked like I was playing Tetris, not Wordle.

There are lots of strategies I can try, but to start I studied vowel/consonant patterns. My theory is that the Wordle people are going to want to hit the unusual patterns. So I’ve analyzed the official list of 2318 eligible words and the list of words that were already played, and I’ve found four patterns they have not used yet which gives me a set of only eleven words.

  • cVVVV
    • QUEUE
  • VVcVV
    • EERIE < This will be a particularly evil word.
    • AUDIO < A lot of people probably use this word to hunt for vowels.
  • cccVV
    • THREE
    • SCREE
    • SPREE
  • ccccV
    • HYDRO
    • CYCLE
    • RHYME < “RH” is an unusual combo.
    • THYME
    • STYLE

I’ve been looking at this list for a while, and I’ve decided that I like “RHYME” and I’m going to use that as my play until I come up with another approach. When most people get an H, especially at the second spot, they’re not going to think of putting an “R” in front of it. If the Wordle people ever use the words MYRRH or RHINO, then I’ll reassess my strategy.

And yes, I do imagine there is a cabal of seven people that sit around a conference table each day deciding what word to push out to the server.