Reading lodash - a JavaScript Library

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brianball  •  14 Jan 2022   •  

I got a neat bit of clarity today as I opened Github and found a very popular library of code to read. Github is to code what a library is to books.

You can browse and check out other people’s programming efforts. In addition to reading the code, you can actually just “borrow” it. This is called forking.

The lodash collection is really a toolbox for javascript developers. It helps you quickly manipulate data with simple, sometimes easy-to-remember commands.

Looking at how this software is put together reminds me that you can start small and make incremental improvements to any project in life.

This particular collection of code has been improving for eight years already. A side note: It has 37,805,822 weekly downloads.


Thanks for that tip - not heard of Lodash before.

tao  •  14 Jan 2022, 11:41 am

Love lodash! Using it for Lifelog actually! Super useful for a JS noob like me… don’t have to write convoluted functions to do standard tasks.

jasonleow  •  15 Jan 2022, 2:10 am