Recovery Mode

keni  •  11 Oct 2021

I spent a total of 9 hours in bed yesterday. Over 2 hours of both REM and Deep sleep.
It felt good and appropriate.

For majority of the day, I did what I enjoy. Total rest.

I designed a few tshirts.
I designed a few dresses.

I played over 6 hours of chess at I have always loved the game of chess but this site takes my addiction to a new level. The best type of brain exercise.

Now I am about to eat my favorite low carb meal and start watching this Netflix series everyone has been telling me to watch. The Squid Game.

Today is pure recovery mode.
Tomorrow - Beast mode.


Beast mode! Wooohooo

jasonleow  •  12 Oct 2021, 12:50 am

Don’t forget my brain training this week. Should take you longer than the last one.

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therealbrandonwilson  •  12 Oct 2021, 8:22 pm

Love it!!
Just solved it. Texting you Brandon.

keni  •  13 Oct 2021, 12:25 am

Beast mode will start tomorrow Jason. I was swamped with Squid Games

keni  •  13 Oct 2021, 12:26 am

Crazy good show, that!

jasonleow  •  13 Oct 2021, 12:59 am