Winkletter  •  23 May 2023   •    

After skimming through my notes yesterday, I started to think about some of the challenges I’ve had this past year. I’ve managed to keep writing here, but my fiction writing habit has flopped like a dead fish.

So I’m reading through my old posts here and other notes to see if I can recreate the magic.

I’m starting with Peter Elbow’s little book, Writing Without Teachers. The book diagnoses a common problem writers face, the critical voice that they have learned to heed while having their essays and other writing evaluated by teachers. When we write there is a red pen dangling above our heads and it can fall at any minute.

Writing Without Teachers was the book that helped me start a daily writing habit. I started with 5 minute sprints, and in a few months I was finishing 10k and 20k marathons.

Hopefully, the book can reinspire me to reset my writing practice.