keni  •  24 Jan 2023   •    

I got some of my results today.

There were good things but mostly bad things. I seem to be swinging from one end to the other. I am having a hard time believing these results. How can I be at such extremes in just 3 months time?

I have made some permanent changes to my diet. It is always low carb, high fat, medium protein, high fiber, low sodium, low potassium, gluten free and generally healthy.

The things that I have been a bit lenient these past few months is my consumption of caffeine free coffee and some form of chicken or lamb at times. My intake of water is also just 1 liter a day. Apparently it needs to be 2 liters.

I have a google doc where I write all the things I am doing. And I have my lab results documented as well. So I am going to have to go back to the even more restricted diet. I will get tested again in a month. I am going to see how much difference I can make in that time.



jasonleow  •  24 Jan 2023, 11:45 pm

Let me know which particular lab metrics you’re focused on, and I may send some info your way.

therealbrandonwilson  •  25 Jan 2023, 2:13 am

Thanks guys. I have been in a funk since the results. But I know I am going to work at this like I did before.

I will text you @

keni  •  25 Jan 2023, 8:55 pm

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