keni  •  13 May 2022   •  

Tomorrow I am off to the beach. Just 2 hour away.

I am going with a group of ladies that I haven’t met in person before. But we belong to an excellent book club that meats once a month to discuss the book we read for the previous month.

I joined in October of last year. We have read seven books since then. I have loved all but one of those books. Even more than the books, I have enjoyed the two hour sessions where we discuss what we read and where we can apply it in our lives.

Last month we read a book called ‘the dark side of the light chasers’. It was an intense book and exposed me to psychological things I never read about before.

This weekend retreat, we are going to discuss that book and get to know each other more…while also getting to chill at the beach. Should be fun.

I hope to remember to write my daily post and keep my streak.


“Hope to remember to write”…of course you’re going to. I’m going to Vegas this weekend, so I could use that as an excuse to take a break but you know my answer to that. #Teamstreak

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therealbrandonwilson  •  13 May 2022, 4:46 pm

Yes sir. I did. #teamstreak!!
Jealous of your Vegas trip. I could use some hours at the black jack table.

keni  •  14 May 2022, 1:14 am