Reversion to the mean - June 2023

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joelfirenze  •  9 Jun 2023   •    

I guess I should be even lucky that there’s this platform on Medium where I can earn pennies from writing. I guess the first quarter was exceptional and I should not be expecting much else. Maybe just hitting any amount was already good, in the scheme of things. I guess I should also detach a bit and stop tracking.

That said, I have built a pipeline already. And the pipeline is on track.

I did this dorky thing where I bought a desk harness - essentially a small piece of wood with some nylon fabric sewn on it, with a harness that can be strapped to my back. This means I have a writing desk that I can use on trains. I’ve been able to crank out material according to the pipeline.

So happy to be productive in this small way on the trains. Hope the pipeline does something. But not expecting much.


Is this harness because you want to stand on the train? I’m trying to understand how this option compares to keeping the laptop on your lap. I’ve seen my Medium partner figures settle in around $6 a month, down from the initial blast.

therealbrandonwilson  •  9 Jun 2023, 1:18 pm

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