Routine Calendar

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knight  •  23 May 2023   •    

I have been exploring various calendar products over the past year and was initially interested in using Routine for managing my product tasks. However, I found that despite being drawn to certain features in the product’s feature list, they didn’t necessarily meet my needs when I actually used them.

I already use Todoist for my freelance and personal tasks, and I didn’t want to add another to-do list, which is why I abandoned Timestrip halfway through. I thought scheduling my product tasks with a calendar might be a good idea, but it didn’t prove to be very helpful.

Initially, I thought using Routine would allow me to view my other tasks’ due dates and schedule my product tasks accordingly. However, I found that the tasks couldn’t be easily grouped, which made it difficult to use.

As a result, I don’t think using a calendar app to manage my product tasks is the right fit for me.