Same day delivery

Winkletter  •  9 Jun 2023   •    

I ordered something to help soothe my turbulent stomach today, and Amazon had it delivered in about 4 hours. With the other items I had bought, I noticed I was a few cents away from the $25 limit to get same day delivery and added a box of Spanish rice to get me over the limit. When the driver asked if he made it on time I said, “Yeah, I just ordered this a couple hours ago.”

I suppose the next step for Amazon will be drone deliveries. I’ve seen where lifesaving medicines are being delivered by drone in Rwanda. That tech is now coming to the rest of the world to deliver fast food takeaway and consumer goods.

In the Rwandan setup, orders come in from hospitals. Medicines are packed in a drone. The drone is launched and it flies to the hospital, dropping the package outside where doctors and nurses can pick it up. It then flies back and is caught on a hook line. The YouTuber Mark Rober looked at the setup in Rwanda as well as the coming drone delivery technology where the drone stays high up in the air and drops a small cargo shuttle down on a line to deliver the goods.

The next step beyond the drones will have to be powered by AI as it delivers what it predicts we’ll order before we order it.


What’s this about a turbulent stomach? Acid reflux? What are you using to soothe it?

therealbrandonwilson  •  9 Jun 2023, 1:19 pm

@therealbrandonwilson I ate something that my stomach didn’t like, so I was just picking up some Pepto Bismal.

Last month I was having trouble with acid reflux, but I’ve fixed that with more fiber and less eating late at night. I also cut back on sparkling water, but I’m not sure if that is helping or just coincidence.

Winkletter  •  9 Jun 2023, 4:31 pm