Seeing immediate returns

andrewtsao  •  22 Jul 2021

Ever since I’ve decided to commit to waking up early in the morning with my girlfriend, I’ve noticed how big of a difference it makes in our lives. There were a lot of moments, that even though we couldn’t point our fingers at it, we could tell that we feel more at peace, in harmony in the rhythms of our lives, and overall just more patient with each other. We could also mutually derive how much this intention brings us joy, even though we have not completely figured out the exact timing of things that allow us to maintain 8 hours of sleep (& we’re still committed to fine-tuning our evening routine to make that a priority) we could already confidently say to ourselves, “this is working.”

We talked about how important this idea of a “shared vision” is. The words themselves are very literal, but for two partners to be completely on the same page behind something has been more art than science. It requires so much vulnerability, sharing one’s anxieties and priorities, and digging into each person’s intrinsic motivations in order to come up with something that actually resonates with both parties. That’s exactly what we did and why even in our sleepy morning selves, we feel closer than ever. Onwards!


It’s lovely to hear that you are both so attuned to each other and are moving forward together.
I feel that many British people have to try to do things for themselves in spite of their partner, fitting it in around them rather than working together towards a common goal.

tao  •  22 Jul 2021, 6:32 pm