Sharing about no-code

andrewtsao  •  20 Sept 2022   •  

I had a friend who recently decided to join a coding Bootcamp in the hopes of becoming a developer. He had tried to create an income base on his passion, which was building terrariums, but came out of it deciding that he would never want to mix passion and livelihood ever again. When I first heard that decision, I couldn’t help but feel like he was making the wrong choice. Being a no-coder, I have a bias around the journey toward being more technical and more fluent in order to prosper in a world that is only going to become more digital, because even though I am supportive of acquiring the skillset to learn to code, I often feel like people who invest all their chips into learning to code often find themselves being locked into a mentality that they have to get a developer job now or they feel like they have wasted all this time learning this skill.

I’m reminded again and again and no-code is still new. There are still so many people who look at me with confusion when I talk about no-code. They also look at me with a lot of skepticism when I talk abstractly about the no-code movement and what it means in the grand scheme of technology trends, but at the end of the, it’s still hard to pitch no-code as something you can immediately find a lot of jobs hiring for and earn you the kind of stability that many people crave. But these are moments I need to learn to be patient, and not let my passion turn into a rant or lecture when I am too attached to the outcomes of persuading the world of this beautiful thing. As a no-code educator, I want the empower the next generation but that journey will never be as straightforward as I believe.

I just have to keep going and keep shining. Onwards!


I’m constantly surprised too just how little known the nocode movement is!

jasonleow  •  21 Sept 2022, 8:30 am

@jasonleow Totally. I still get a lot of blank faces when I mention about no-code to people IRL. There are still so many opportunities for more education and adoption.

andrewtsao  •  7 Oct 2022, 11:28 pm