Sharing Daily Drawings

andrewtsao  •  21 Jul 2021

I intend on dedicating some time today to work on my guest blog post for Integromat by doing more to figure out the integration between Notion & Webflow. So far in my exploration, I have not yet figure out the best way to do it. Webflow has a “CMS” function that allows you to update things dynamically but not anywhere else, so for example if I wanted to change the main copy of my hero banner, I wouldn’t be able to. This isn’t a dealbreaker, but I’m still exploring options that give me the absolute highest range of flexibility. Time and time again, I’ve noticed how “static” websites are, even with personal websites, and I want to create something that genuinely reflects my day-to-day growth.

One of the sections I’m most excited about is sharing my daily drawings every day. I have this hardcover notebook where I date and draw every day, always playing with different patterns, and it has become another variation of journaling for me and in the spirit of sharing publicly to further solidify my consistency, I also want to create an easy workflow for me to update it on Notion and have it update onto a website. Today, I’m going to hunker down to decide what I’m going to do about the limitations I have rather than thinking of the perfect solution. Onwards!


I got a friend who’s starting out sketching too on Procreate, and the app has this cool feature where it video-records a timelapse of your sketch as it unfolds. I really dig that, being able to see the process of a sketch coming alive. Maybe that’s something useful for your workflow too

jasonleow  •  22 Jul 2021, 12:31 am