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andrewtsao  •  14 May 2022   •  

I wanted to use today’s post to highlight Jason’s newest project, Sheet2Bio where you can create your own linktree-like website with just a google sheet. I’ve never really made a linktree website because it’s usually more popular with people more active on social media, like influencers who want to feature an array of items or merchandise that they’re promoting, but I was drawn to it for a different reason: the possibility of creating something that is dynamic using no-code. With google-sheet being where the data is stored, it means that when I make changes directly on the google sheet, the changes are immediately reflected on the website. This means that armed with no-code automation, I can potentially create processes where I can dynamically update a website without having to log in and enter new information, I can simply let new data populate things on the website.

To me, Sheet2Bio represents something I always imagined for myself, which is a way to create a portal that captures a 360-degree picture of all my experiments, projects, but also creative pursuits. Most importantly, I want the ability where the website can update itself with the right trigger, instead of worrying about having to update whenever something changes. For example, I can easily create automation where when the bio on my Twitter profile changes, it’s reflected on the google sheet as well and therefore my Sheet2Bio site.

Well done @jasonleow for building this cool experiment! I can’t wait to see where you can take this.

Here is my Sheet2Bio Link!



@andrewtsao Oh WOW, no way! 🤩🤯 I’ve never thought about the implications of integrating Sheet2bio with Zapier/Make but your post definitely opened up my eyes to the possibilities! And I don’t even need to code something special for the integration - Zapier works directly with Sheets already! 🤯🤯🤯

The auto updating bio is a good one! I can also imagine the revenue chart to self update with the right zaps with Stripe! What other cool use cases can you think of?

jasonleow  •  14 May 2022, 7:29 am