Siri Shortcuts

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peterdannock  •  16 Sept 2023   •    

Now and then, I circle back to look at the Sitri Shortcuts and see if I can make them work for me. I like that Siri Shortcuts allows me to automate tasks and actions on my iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, especially when it enables me to combine multiple actions from different apps. This makes it easier to perform complex tasks in a single shortcut.

My Siri shortcuts can be activated through voice commands, allowing for hands-free operation, which is particularly useful in situations where manual interaction is not possible or convenient. I often use Siri shortcuts when in the car to set my navigation or make a phone call.

Siri Shortcuts offer a considerable amount of customisation, however, there are some limitations regarding the actions and commands that can be automated. They also rely on voice recognition, which is not always accurate or reliable, leading to or errors in executing the desired actions. Nevertheless, I have created a few simple shortcuts that suit me just fine.


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