Stretching myself

Winkletter  •  2 Apr 2024   •    

When I start generating large image sets, I usually start a video playlist to keep my PC from sleeping. For the past few days I’ve been watching stretching videos where the client lays on a table and gets turned into a pretzel.

It’s mostly silent with some occasional chatter. But once in a while the person being stretched giggles, laughs, or cries out in pain. Usually the stretcher just says, “It’s stiff there isn’t it?”

It reminds me that stretching is usually a bit painful.

Which means if I’m not experiencing any pain, I’m probably not stretching myself. Discomfort, anxiety, and pain are all signals that I’m pushing against my limits.

As a side effect I’ve also been stretching in bed each morning. And in the shower this morning I realized my reach has increased. That’s another signal that I’m stretching myself. Things get easier.


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